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Following on from the successful delivery of Phase 1, the team completed Phase 2 at St Georges Church of England Foundation School to budget, two weeks ahead of programme and with zero defects. The second phase comprised  a full design and build solution to construct a new extension taking the school from 1FE to 2FE; this included 7 additional classrooms, a Learning Resource Centre and group rooms.

Mirroring delivery of Phase 1, the extension was designed and delivered using BIM and Modern Methods of Construction, specifically an off-site solution. Lessons learned from Phase 1 were transferred across, culminating in a number of value engineered solutions and efficiencies. A good example was the recessed installation of manifold cabinets within the walls, thus generating more floorspace and a new containment system for the electrical installation works.  Screedboard was another solution deployed to generate time savings by omitting a wet trade; upon laying, subsequent trades were able to commence works immediately without the requirement for setting time.

The project ran smoothly and with only 8 minor change control notices, which were realised and dealt with efficiently as the project evolved. This was largely accountable to the use of BIM and early engagement, which enabled the school to be designed with potential risks, issues and defects identified, addressed and resolved prior to construction.      

With the main access point shared with the school, an alternative solution was realised via the neighbouring KCC Landscape Services depot. In agreement with the company, all site traffic was diverted through their yard enabling full segregation from the school, thus maximising safety and minimising disruption. 

A key challenge on the project was the 5m high soil bund which ran in the path of the proposed build footprint. A Material Management Plan was implemented with a major excavation exercise to cut into the bund; all soil was retained and redistributed on site.  In parallel, the team either recycled or reused all waste materials culminating in zero waste to landfill across the project duration.

School engagement was maximised through regular assemblies including a BIM fly through presentation and site tours for the children and Teachers’ Working Groups. The Senior Site Manager hosted site demonstrations, gave talks on the build and materials used and co-ordinated the school’s entry into the Considerate Constructors Ivor Goodsite Hoarding competition. Open and regular communication was maintained with neighbours and the wider community through newsletters, letter drops and a bespoke project Twitter account.   

The project achieved the Considerate Constructors Scheme Performance Beyond Compliance and was delivered to a delighted school two weeks ahead of programme with zero defects, thus enabling early school occupancy.


Broadstairs, Kent

Kent Construction Framework

Kent County Council

Project Manager
Faithful & Gould

Bond Bryan

Structual Engineer
Kirk Saunders

Services Engineer

Baxall Delivery
Team 2

Programme Period
31 Weeks

Contract Value