Royal Russell School

New Build Boarding House

BREEAM ‘Excellent’

Performance Beyond Compliance – Considerate Constructors Scheme

Project Details


Croydon, Surrey


Royal Russell School

Project Manager

Harrabin Consultancy


Barnsley Hewett & Mallinson

Baxall Delivery

Team 3

Programme Period

56 Weeks

Contract Value


This project at the prestigious Royal Russell School in Croydon, Surrey comprised a standalone new build Boarding House within the operational school grounds. The design included accommodation facilities for 84 students including 5 independent staff dwellings, common rooms, study areas and tutor rooms. Externally, Baxall carried out landscaping works including open lawns, all weather grass, canopies, balconies and terraces.

Working collaboratively, a number of value engineered alternatives were identified during the tender stage. This culminated in various savings and left the design contingency untouched, ultimately bringing the project in under budget.  Examples included roofing, a brick support system and retaining walls.

The new building was designed to accommodate across 3 floors although building height restrictions within the school meant this would not be achievable from ground level. As such, groundworks were carried out to carve away the existing bank thus enabling the build to commence at a lower level and comply with the planning requirements.  

The site location was at the rear of the operational school grounds and accessed by a shared road with the school students and staff.  With the daily arrival and departure of over 1000 students, logistics had to be carefully managed from the outset to ensure the full protection of these stakeholders at all times. A robust delivery policy was effectively enforced with no deliveries permitted at certain times of the day; all arrivals were met by a dedicated Banksman at the school entrance who personally escorted the entry and exit of each vehicle across the school grounds. 

With the early stage works underway, an unforeseen water main was identified which ran across the middle of the site. A diversion was carried out during the school vacation period in order to avoid disruption to the school and maintain programme without detriment.

The Baxall team maintained daily engagement with the school, ensuring they were kept informed and updated on progress and forthcoming programme activities. Similarly, the school advised the site team of their timetable in advance thus enabling any potential disruptive activities to be rescheduled to minimise impact to school operations. Student involvement included a visit by the Geology Department during the early build stages and a series of tours throughout the programme for the boarding students, enabling them to observe the development of their new facility. 

The project was delivered to the BREEAM Excellent standard and included a number of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and practices. Examples included CO² measuring and reporting (under the Construct CO² initiative), cycle hoops, A+ rated equipment and PV Panels. A combined heat and power unit (CHP) was additionally installed to serve the future Phase 2 development.

Achieving the Considerate Constructors Scheme Performance Beyond Compliance, the new Boarding House was successfully delivered to a restricted programme and under budget.


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