KHL New Build Offices

New Build Offices

Project Details


Wadhurst, East Sussex


KHL Group

Project Manager



Blue Ridge Designs

Baxall Delivery

Team 2

Programme Period

49 Weeks

Contract Value

“A tidy, well ordered and professional site, the works will clearly impact well on the village. The neighbours and local community are treated respectfully and the site promoted the use of local shops. Site performance is good; a credit to Martin and the team”
Considerate Constructors Scheme

This contract on behalf of client the KHL Group, was to construct a new modern building to house their Head Office operations. A phased development, the existing office facilities remained in part-occupation during the works phase with staff decanting as each stage completed, thus enabling the business to continue operating.

From the pre-works stage, the Baxall team worked closely with KHL staff to develop a programme of works which would accommodate the operational staff and their comfort within temporary accommodation. Each phase was duly planned and co-ordinated to enable the efficient transfer of business operations and departments into the new premises with minimal impact.

Located off a narrow residential road in the village of Wadhurst, the site sat on a small industrial estate at the end of a lane shared with residential neighbours. Safety and security were managed through the complete segregation of all works areas, signage and the provision of segregated walkways and access routes.

A Traffic Management Plan was devised accounting for busy traffic periods, local schools and the requirements of the surrounding residents to ensure that congestion on the lane and surrounding village roads was avoided. A dedicated Banksman was deployed to manage the gate and oversee control of the safe access and departure of all incoming deliveries and site traffic.

The Site Manager attended regular progress meetings with the client team in addition to the provision of daily verbal updates. He ensured that any periods of likely disruption were proactively advised to the client and staff and put in place agreed measures to minimise impact, for example rescheduling activities to out of hours on occasions and ensuring quiet periods during meetings or client visits.

In addition to ensuring the complete safety of all stakeholders, another important element of the works was to be a good neighbour. Prior to the works commencing, the Site Manager carried out a letterdrop and introduced himself to all local residents to advise of the works and provide direct contact details. This was furthered throughout the works programme with regular newsletter updates and the maintenance of close contact with direct neighbours and the KHL staff team. On a weekly basis, the Banksman assisted residents with their wheelie bin collections and the team volunteered ad-hoc maintenance support to neighbours.

The new office building provides a modern and sustainable facility and was delivered to exceptional quality standards and an extremely delighted client.


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