Hankham Primary School

School Extension (STREIF Off-Site Manufacture)
NFB New Build of the Year Award
NFB Commitment to Environment & Sustainability Award

Project Details


Pevensey, East Sussex


East Sussex County Council (Sussex Cluster Framework)

Project Manager



Pick Everard

Baxall Delivery

Team 3

Programme Period

36 Weeks

Contract Value

"We would like to express how impressed we are with the standard of professionalism shown by Baxall Construction - favourable comments have been received from our neighbours and parents. Through excellent and open liaison, the school has been able to plan ahead, anticipating any challenges that may arise in order to maintain the efficient running of the school with minimum disruption to children's learning."
Mrs Sarah Timlin

This project at Hankham Primary School comprised a large two-fold extension including two classrooms, a school hall, toilets and storage to replace the existing facilities located in portacabins. Adjacent to the existing school, a link was created to join the two buildings which subsequently created a new reception area.

Awarded under the Sussex Cluster Framework, Baxall’s winning bid offered the school a value engineered solution to their requirements by way of off-site fabrication using the company’s partner STREIF system, which would generate both cost and time savings and deliver a more sustainable and energy-efficient school building. The benefits of STREIF were presented to the Headteacher, Business Managers and Governors at a bespoke workshop hosted at the STREIF-constructed Frant School. In addition to witnessing the end-product, all parties were able to openly engage and discuss the process and raise questions or concerns.

The project delivery itself ran extremely smoothly with minimal disruption nor issues arising: following completion of the substructure, the STREIF building was delivered to site on schedule and was subsequently assembled; the efficiencies of the STREIF system meant that this whole process from arrival to full erection including the bulk of the fit out works took no more than two weeks to complete.

The biggest challenge for the team was ensuring that the works did not impact on the day to day operations of the school which remained in full occupation. The Site Manager (nicknamed Mr Bricks by the schoolchildren) excelled in this respect, developing and maintaining open and inclusive relations with the school staff, local residents and parents from the outset. Iain’s endeavours included letterdrops, regular newsletters and daily verbal briefings on progress, ensuring that all school requests were accommodated and works scheduled to minimise disruption at all times.

Understanding the curiosities of the children and embracing the various learning opportunities which the project created, Iain spearheaded a number of initiatives; he arranged school safety talks, poster competitions (securing funding for winners prizes), crane demonstrations and worked with Key Stage 2 teachers and children, setting a cross-curricular project to design their ideal school.

The project was delivered to time and budget, generating both immediate and long-term savings for the school and duly commended by the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

“Iain has exploited the opportunities to practice inclusion to the full. The workforce are provided with excellent facilities and support and actively encouraged to provide feedback. There are now 3 apprenticies benefiting from the exposure to very good practice and mutual respect amongst the team.”

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