Caterham School, Leatham Rooms

New Build Extension & Refurbishment Works

Project Details


Caterham, Surrey


Caterham School

Project Manager



Miller Bourne

Baxall Delivery

Team 2

Programme Period

38 Weeks

Contract Value

"A well presented project where Martin developed an excellent relationship with the school bursar to minimise disruption to the working life of the school. He introduced a modified induction form with post induction questionnaire which has now been adopted Company wide. Well done, good score."
Considerate Constructors Scheme

Caterham School in Surrey is a long-standing client for Baxall, for whom we have successfully delivered numerous contracts including a new build 4-storey teaching facility and 3-storey boarding accommodation block. Baxall’s latest contract encompassed a new build extension to create a sports pavillion and refurbishment of the existing cricket pavilion to form new classroom accommodation.

At the pre-works stage, the team carried out a value engineering exercise on an open book basis with the client to achieve what was a very complicated build within the given budget.

The main challenge faced on the contract was that of logistics and safety giving consideration to the site location in the centre of a live operational school environment. The works area was fully surrounded by classroom access points and the changing rooms for the existing sports facility, all of which essentially needed to remain fully functional throughout the works period. At mobilisation stage, the Baxall team worked closely with the school and delivery partners to establish processes and procedures which would enable safe and segregated access to and from the site and minimal disruption to the school during the works period. A good example was the controlled use of the school playing fields out of hours to manoeuvre a crane via a bespoke trackway thus enabling the transfer and erection of the steel frame.

A Traffic Management Plan was devised to ensure that all site traffic and deliveries were planned and controlled with all delivery drivers calling ahead 20 minutes prior to drop off; a ‘just-in-time’ system was adopted because of the lack of available storage space for materials on site. The Site Manager maintained daily contact with the school representative to ensure that up-to-date information regarding progress and issues were liaised and addressed in a proactive and timely manner.

The team delivered the contract showing commitment both to environmental and local sustainability targets. On site, 98.89% of all waste materials were recycled and paint cans were returned to suppliers for re-use. In addition to employing local labour and suppliers, the team donated all pallets to the school Woodwork Shop for student project work.

Shortly after commencing on site, the school advised they would like to bring forward the completion date for part of the building to accommodate a royal opening by the Duke of Kent. Working closely with supply chain partners and the school representatives, the Baxall team rescheduled and planned elements of the works to ensure this request was met.

Despite the numerous challenges faced, the project was successfully delivered on time and to budget, achieving a commendable 34.5 points (out of 40) on the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

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