Caffyns Landrover

Design & Build Showroom

Project Details


Lewes, East Sussex


Caffyns Plc

Project Manager


Baxall Delivery

Team 2

Programme Period

40 weeks

Contract Value

"The key to this project was the relationship of the Site Manager with the dealer principal as the works had to be carried out in a timely manner with minimum disruption to the client’s business. This relationship worked extremely well and was key to completing the project. The project succeeded as the Design team and Baxall worked together as a team and this enabled any queries / problems to be dealt with quickly and efficiently."
Hugh Parker

The stunning new Caffyns Landrover Showrooms are another recent success for the Baxall team. Comprising three main phases of works, the showrooms were completed to budget, timescales and the delight of the client. The first phase encompassed the demolition of the previous Used Car Centre located at the rear of the forecourt. These works took place whilst the main car showroom at the front of the site remained in full operation. Phase 2 subsequently compiled the construction of a new state-of-the-art cedar-cladded showroom including an MOT bay, car wash facility, meeting/training rooms, offices, valeting facility, forecourt and parking. Upon completion, the Caffyns staff transferred across thus enabling Phase 3 to commence which involved the full refurbishment of the existing building to mirror the interior and external design and layout of the new facility.

The logistics of the project were particularly challenging due to the location and tight site restrictions posed; located adjacent to the busy A26 route into Lewes and at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac, the site shared access with not only the Caffyns staff and customers but local residents, a funeral parlour and two major supermarkets. Having identified these restrictions at the pre-contract stage, the delivery team made contact with the affected stakeholders to advise of the forthcoming works and to discuss how the potential disruption could collectively be managed and minimised. This communication was progressed throughout the project and culminated in open and productive relationships with all, particularly the client who took part in weekly site tours and daily briefings. A good example was the funeral parlour who regularly liaised with the Site Manager to advise of forthcoming services during which times, all deliveries were halted and noise/ disruptive works minimised. Taking into consideration the surrounding stakeholders and working closely with the client, a Traffic Management Plan was devised to co-ordinate the arrival and distribution of all site deliveries in a safe and controlled manner. Each delivery was precision scheduled with drivers telephoning ahead to confirm arrival times and a nominated Banksman controlling all entry, off-loading and exiting of the site.

The location of the project on a multi-occupied brownfield site gave rise to a number of further challenges including ground contamination from when the site housed a car garage. This necessitated thorough inspection and testing and the careful removal of the contaminated soil before works could progress. The discovery of a water course thwarted the piling exercise but the swift reaction of the team in redesigning the layout and liaison with Southern Water enabled a diversion to be created and the works to commence. The piling stage unearthed another unexpected challenge in that the necessary depth of the piles (20 metres) risked penetrating the water course serving the local brewery. Working collaboratively with both the Environment Agency and the brewery, the team engineered a solution which met all regulations and enabled the works to commence safely and to the benefit of all affected parties.

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