Well done to Team Scrambled Legs and #arewethereyet? for completing the Rye Harbour Ekiden Relay race! The event was organised to raise funds for the new Rye Harbour Discovery Centre for Sussex Wildlife Trust of which Baxall are currently constructing.

Taking place on the evening of 31st May, this charity fundraising event was a multistage race with six runners per team covering a different distance across the half marathon course. The six stages followed the order 5k, 2.5k, 7.5k, 2.5k, 2.5k, 1k and as such, was not only be a test of speed but also one of tactics!

Both teams did brilliant to not only complete the gruelling course but to also raise over £1,500 for this fantastic new facility. Donations can still be made to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/baxallswtdiscoverycentre

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