Modern Methods of Construction

With the upturn in work and depletion of traditional resources, Baxall recognise the need to be able to build smarter and more efficiently.

Modern Methods of Construction

As a forward-thinking and innovative SME, we realised early on the potential of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to build smarter, quicker and more efficiently.

Baxall are highly experienced in working with our supply chain partners to deliver the highest specification built environments – from schools to medical and community centres – using a wide range of bespoke, factory-fabricated MMC systems including closed panel timber frame, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and modular (volumetric) solutions.

Building better

Benefits of using offsite MMC solutions compared to traditional construction include:

  • Quality and predictability – fabricated in a factory-controlled environment
  • Speed and efficiency – components are manufactured and delivered to site with windows and doors already built in
  • Health and safety – using MMC means fewer site-based operatives are needed during the construction stage
  • Reduced disruption – reduced construction time on site, and less noise
  • Value solution – maximises the efficiency of material and labour
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable – MMC solutions help to reduce waste and carbon footprint
  • Optimised building performance and reduced risk of defects, in line with our ‘right first time’ approach’.

By carefully assessing each project to identify elements of offsite manufacture we reduce time on site, remove key items from the critical path, reduce costs and maximise the overall opportunities of MMC.

Baxall case studies highlighting the benefits of MMC:

Standard Components Solution (SCS)

This customisable product-based approach creates bespoke buildings via a system of replicable processes and procedures. Using standardised, pre-engineered components creates quality buildings, time efficiencies and offers value for money.

Skinners’ Kent Primary School Video


“We have spent considerable time evaluating different building systems and are now working with STREIF UK to provide high specification closed panel superstructures that can respond to all the requirements of technical architecture.”


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