Collaborative Culture

We are committed to partnering with our clients and supply chain to align values, share best practice and achieve mutual goals, which leads to tangible and positive results.

Collaborative Culture

“Teamwork is built on trust; our belief in effective collaboration and working together as one is woven into the fabric of everything we do at Baxall.” Malcolm Clarke, MD

Shared road to success

Collaboration is key. Whether using 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) to communicate project design information with stakeholders or sharing best practice methodology with our supply chain, the benefits of a collaborative culture are innumerable:

  • Fewer changes (in line with our ethos of ‘right first time’)
  • Reduces wastage (materials and labour)
  • On time and on budget project delivery
  • Encourages efficiency, quality and ongoing improvement
  • Fosters inclusivity and embraces diversity
  • Promotes accountability and builds mutual trust
  • Increased efficiency means better value for money
  • Aligns with the principles of the Construction Playbook

Optimum efficiency from the outset

It is widely accepted that engaging stakeholders early on is key to a successful project. Likewise, at Baxall we are best positioned to positively influence the delivery of a quality project with zero defects when we are involved as early as possible.

Engaging us early in a design and build project means we will expertly manage and develop the complete project, from cradle to grave.

Through collaborative working and early engagement we will have more detailed project data (via BIM) which in turn reduces wastage and programme time. The result is we repeatedly deliver exceptional quality projects at the right cost. 

“By identifying (and resolving) any problems during the design stage pre-construction, we save everyone time, money and stress”.  

Consistent value

Embracing a collaborative approach not only forges effective and long-lasting relationships (which lead to repeat business) but also enhances operations throughout our supply chain. This consistent team approach is key to delivering time, cost and sustainable efficiencies across our projects – ultimately leading to better value for our clients.

Collaborative Culture

Through our collaborative approach we have won national awards and recognition in recent years: We scooped the prestigious NFB Collaboration of the Year 2018 Award for Skinners’ Kent Primary School; and came Highly Commended in the NFB Collaboration of the Year 2019 Award for Langley Park Primary Academy.


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