Our Values

The very foundation of Baxall lies in these core values. They make Baxall Construction larger than a mere company – it makes Baxall about it’s people and governs how we do business from the smallest to the largest task.

Our Values


Provide a quality service and finished product

Team Spirit

‘Buildings built on Teamwork’ – intrinsic to enabling our values to be possible


A ‘can do’ attitude that extols itself in our reaction to customers, supply chain partners and employees’ needs. Achieved by thinking ahead; we are proactive and not reactive

People Focused

Our greatest strength is our people, both employees and those in our supply chain. Our attitude to staff development and creating a healthy, safe environment in all our operations is by setting the highest standards and making working in construction enjoyable

Honesty and Integrity

We expect honesty in what we say and what we do and act with integrity in all our dealings


We expect loyalty from all to all. This must be earned with all and by all (two-way)


This describes our approach to dealings with our customers, supply chain and employees. It revolves around a no-blame culture with all in the process being empowered to take responsibility for their own actions

Continuous Improvement

We continue to develop and share best practice and lessons learnt


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