Future Leaders

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs

Future Leaders

At Baxall we don’t rest on our laurels and know that yesterday’s success is no guarantee of triumph tomorrow. By encouraging our teams to innovate and embrace originality we have garnered a reputation for ‘thinking outside of the box’ to successfully overcome challenges within the built environment.

One of the ways we drive high-level innovation throughout our business is via advanced training for Baxall’s leaders – both current and future. They are currently undergoing the Innovative Future Leaders Programme (IFLP), a 12-month, Constructing Excellence-supported programme of workshops and events designed to equip senior staff working with the insight, experience and practice to think and act creatively.

By having the confidence to embrace change and evolve, we broaden the possibilities of what Baxall can achieve tomorrow.

“The course workshops have been the most inspirational workshops that I have been on with the course leaders and speakers being very willing to share their expertise and experience. This has provided me with an excellent management toolkit that I use daily.”

Andrew Baldwin, Pre-Construction Manager


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