Baxall Construction - Established 1964, Buildings built on teamwork
The requirement for BIM (Building Information Modelling) to be used across a wide range of projects has been embraced by Baxall and the company now has a robust strategy to introduce this initiative into its management process.

Senior members of the Baxall staff have been involved with BIM seminars and workshops to increase their understanding of the mechanics and benefits of BIM and are now working with our consultants and supply chain to progress collaborative working.

The basis of BIM is not new to Baxall as we have been using Union Square Workspace for several years as a collaborative information system within the company and have built on the efficiencies this has provided to the management of our projects.

Baxall are now working with Union Square to develop the capability of viewing and sharing in the 3D model environment and creating workflow systems. This will help move towards the seamless transfer of information and administration of contractual requirements.